The Digital Challenge Mini-Series: Week One

It is a fair comment that, when it comes to new ideas in the digital business world, there are some amazing innovations coming out of the US at the moment.

So it was with this in mind why we’ve been swarming all over the latest research following the recent annual DX Summit in Chicago, which this year saw 326, take part.

We always strive to stay ahead of the game here at Phoenix Digital and hearing about the digital challenges, plans and focus from such a broad range of business types in the USA, is gold-dust for our own Web-based solutions – the results are fascinating and during the next few weeks, we intend to share them and the implications on where the sector goes next.

According to the 326 senior execs who responded to the research at the DX Summit this year, the two biggest challenges which are restricting their ability to support their company’s strategy of improving the Customer Experience are:

  1. 40% stated that their available budgets are insufficient to meet the challenges they face in 2019. Digital development is undoubtedly required to change the customer journey… but there isn’t enough in the coffers to deliver the change. This is a relatively common challenge that we see at Phoenix. Budgets are set top down and as such the digital teams have to ‘make do’ when trying to support the single biggest competitive differentiator - to deliver the best online Customer Experience.
  2. 33% stated that their technology and digital platforms were either limited or too outdated, to be able to support the seamless delivery of great Customer Experience. Most large organisations operate different IT and Digital Platforms across their business. Legacy and previous priorities account for much of that. Clearly, to many businesses, that very fact poses a huge threat to delivering the best Customer Experience.

We have been faced with both of these Challenges many times at Phoenix Digital and we are able to draw from our team’s experience to provide solutions to both.

If you recognise either of these challenges in your own business, don’t heistate to get in touch with us.

NEXT WEEK……………..we explore which are the 5 main digital areas being targeted for improving the Customer Experience, in 2019, according to the 326 senior execs recently surveyed at DX Summit, Chicago….