The Digital Challenge Mini-Series: Week Two

Over the next few weeks, we aim to explore the digital challenges and in some cases, the digital limitations, which for some businesses, are restricting the ability for them to deliver their customers a truly great experience – and what are the solutions?

Last week, using the recent and hugely compelling research feedback from 326 senior digital leaders who attended the DX Summit in Chicago last month, we presented the ‘Two biggest digital challenges that exist in most organisations, currently hindering Customer Experience’.

Since then, we’ve been swarming all over the research, in order to bring you a bang up to date insight around the 5 main digital areas, which will be focused on by most organisations globally in 2019, to support improvement around the Customer Experience – which of course for many companies is THE number one differentiator and competitive advantage, that they are striving to achieve, over the competition.

We always strive to stay ahead of the game here at Phoenix Digital and thus, hearing about the digital challenges, plans and focus from such a broad range of leading business types in the USA, is gold-dust for our own Web-based solutions – the results are fascinating and during the next few weeks, we intend to share them and the implications on where the sector goes next.

According to the 326 senior execs who responded to the research at DX Summit this year, the 5 digital areas of an organisation most likely tobe focused on in 2019 are:

  1. Personalising the online Customer Journey for each user, enhancing and focusing their optimum online experience
  2. Predictive Analytics to present the most relevant online content/products etc, based on User Behaviours
  3. Enhancing the entire Customer Journey by integrating After-Sales processes (Returns/Support etc) much more seamlessly and efficiently
  4. Proactive Marketing Automation post-online visit is the holy grail for many organisations. Get this area right and it will mean communicating relevant offers, products, services etc to the correct prospects at the right time, meaning an extremely low cost marketing channel through adopting email communications, resulting in huge website re-visits in traffic and sales.
  5. Customer Data Management. Unsurprisingly, over 44% of those who responded at the DX Summit, highlighted this as a key area they felt organisations would be investing in during 2019. In fact, it could be argued the correct Customer Data Management strategy is the engine required to drive the other 4 key Digital areas noted above.

At Phoenix Digital, we are able to draw from our team’s extensive experience delivering fully proven solutions, directly around the type of Digital plans outlined above.

If you recognise either of these challenges in your own business, don’t heistate to get in touch with us.

NEXT WEEK……………..we explore solutions to the typical digital challenges faced when aiming to enhance the Customer Experience (discussed in Week 1 of this Mini-series) and also what role the company website has in helping to deliver the anticipated 5 main digital areas that organisations will be focusing on in 2019, to improve Customer Experience.